John Coltrane in a box

July 25, 2008
The Coltrane Computer in Dix Hills

The Coltrane Computer in Dix Hills

“The Friends of the Coltrane Home” partnered with the library to put together a searchable database of Coltrane’s music and photos for you to browse, listen, and learn about the great jazz artist and former resident of Half Hollow Hills.  Enter the Dix Hills building and stroll towards the magazines – you’ll see the computer on your right, past the DVDs.  Pull up a chair and put on the headphones, and let yourself get transported by the music and images.

A Love Supreme

May 2, 2008

We are so excited here at the library to be part of the community effort to restore the last home of the brilliant jazz artist John Coltrane. John lived here in Dix Hills and it was in this house that he composed “A Love Supreme,” one of his best-known and most beloved works. One of our patrons, Steve Fulgoni, came to the rescue when the house was set for demolition, but now he needs our help bringing it back to life. The first step will be a computer in the library dedicated to a large Coltrane collection of music and pictures, suitable for students, scholars or just the casual user. In the fall, the library will be part of an educational music program that will feature John’s son Ravi, and saxophonists David Liebman and Joe Lovano.

We share Steve’s dream of bringing life back to the house, fill it with children learning about jazz and how a musician lived his life in suburbs, and to inspire visitors with John Coltrane’s deep spirit and soul, which can still be felt when you walk through the rooms.

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