Changes for Live-brary – it just keeps getting better!

If you’re one of our many library members who download ebooks and audiobooks from Live-brary, you may have noticed some new additions.  The updated app came out this week which allows early returns of audiobooks (in addition to ebooks), bookmarks, a sleeptimer, and a dictionary lookup is coming soon. 

If you access Live-brary through our website, you’ll see a new button by some eBooks saying “Buy It Now.” If you’re trying to get an eBook and facing a long wait list, this is the option for you. If you buy it through Live-brary, a portion of each sale is credited back to the referring library as an affiliate fee. Some of the vendors working with us are Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and others.

If you’re a new user to Live-brary or need technical assistance, a brand new Help page also debuted this week, with detailed step-by-step tutorials for many different devices, and includes videos as well! Of course, you can always call us at 421-4530 or stop by – it’s our mission to get you using the downloadables!

Also coming soon:

  • Discovery and Sampling of complete eBook and audiobook catalogs with “Recommend to Library“ – help us make our collection more complete with your recommendations!
  •  A series of new librarian recommendation services and author impressions that will offer options for readers to directly connect with authors and discover “Read-a-Likes.”

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