free music downloads are here!

We’ve got a new service for our library card holders – a music downloading gold mine called freegal. Freegal (a combination of “free” and “legal”) gives you access to the complete Sony Music Entertainment catalog, which includes thousands of songs in a wide variety of genres, including popular, rap, r&b, classical, jazz, show music, country, children’s, spoken, Latin, international, and more. Even more wonderful, the songs you download are mp3 files that are DRM-free (no special software needed) and yours to keep forever. They never expire or disappear. They work on PC’s and Mac’s, iPods, iPads, mp3 players, even most eReaders and smart phones.

You are limited to 3 songs per week, per card, which resets on Monday morning, 12:01 am.

Log in with your library card to freegal now! Let us know how you like it.


One Response to free music downloads are here!

  1. Larry Maltin says:

    Just when I thought that the brick-and-mortar library was facing an imminent, slow demise, you have restored my faith in re-inventing. As an example, Freegal is as exciting to me, as when I was a kid, I discovered that the library had books; books that I could take home and read, FOR FREE. (There were lending libraries where I lived, but they charged a nickel a week per book, no refunds.) Of course, like my experience with books, so many books, so little time, there is so much music and so little time. That is a good thing, and my joyous problem, not yours.
    Nice job,

    Larry Maltin

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