Put your reviews in the library catalog

The next time you look up an item in the library catalog, find the link for “see reviews/add a review.”  From there you can add your own review for any item, including (but not limited to) DVDs and CDs.   We hope you’ll consider adding your opinion – we’d love to see some Half Hollow Hills patrons when we search the catalog!

To be able to  review, you must first sign up for an account. This is so you can keep track of all the reviews you’ve done, and be able to do neat things (like link a review to a blog, MySpace, or your Facebook page).  The review will appear after approval by the library team.

Here are some reviews from other Suffolk libraries’ users.


One Response to Put your reviews in the library catalog

  1. Darci says:

    Touch/ By Francine Prose
    This is a very emotional book about a girl who is violated on the school bus. It is perfect for anyone ages 12 and above. The story is suspenseful, makes you wonder what really did happen, and warns the effects that lying can have. It leaves a mark on you long after your done reading the book. I thought it was very good and would recommend it to others.

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