What your neighbor is reading

Gina's selections

From Gina:

   “Well, I have a wide range of books that I enjoy reading… I have read everything by John Lescroart, D.W. Buffa and Harlen Coben. They are murder mysteries that usually have recurring characters. I also enjoy love stories so I have read everything Nicholas Sparks has written. Elizabeth Berg is a great story teller and her books center around a character going through a life changing event. So that’s why I enjoy Jodi Picoult too! For fun, summer reading I adore Jennifer Weiner, Kristen Hannah, and Judy Bloom.”

Would you like to create a display at the library?  Leave a comment here and we’ll arrange it.


One Response to What your neighbor is reading

  1. Gina Scaglione says:

    I am a very eclectic reader. I have enjoyed all of Jodi Picoult’s books, as well as books like John Adams by David McCaullaugh. You can’t get more diverse than that:) In addition, Dan Brown is amazing if you are looking for a good suspense with the history twist. Enjoy:)

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