Get the most downloaded

Want to know the audiobooks most downloaded?  You can find the list here, and they’re all available at Suffolkwave.

While you’re there, you’ll see some new features:

1)  EPUB eBooks – this publishers’ eBook format is becoming the industry standard for producing digitally-born materials for traditional print as well as digital formats.  This also allows publishers to enhance “print” materials with video and audio components.  EPUBs require the Adobe Digital Editions software currently used for the Adobe PDF titles in Suffolk Wave.  EPUBs can be transferred to Sony E-reader portable devices.

2)   User Defined Lending Periods – you will now have the option to select different lending periods on a title by title basis.  Select a 7 or 14 day loan period for Audiobooks and eBooks.  Music and Videos will have 3, 5 or 7 day options.

3)  Five Star Ratings – you will now be able to rate titles.  Titles will then display the aggregate rating based on everyone’s ratings, and you will have a list of personal ratings which you can also use as a reading history list.


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