John Coltrane in a box

The Coltrane Computer in Dix Hills

The Coltrane Computer in Dix Hills

“The Friends of the Coltrane Home” partnered with the library to put together a searchable database of Coltrane’s music and photos for you to browse, listen, and learn about the great jazz artist and former resident of Half Hollow Hills.  Enter the Dix Hills building and stroll towards the magazines – you’ll see the computer on your right, past the DVDs.  Pull up a chair and put on the headphones, and let yourself get transported by the music and images.


5 Responses to John Coltrane in a box

  1. […] you’re here, sit down and try out the Coltrane Computer, located by the magzines, just past the DVDs, in a warm spot by a […]

  2. […] brought Dave and Ravi upstairs to look at our Coltrane Collection computer, and couldn’t drag them away!  We watched as they enjoyed reminiscing through the pictures […]

  3. […] about John Coltrane’s life, work, and music.  After the performance the artists visited the Coltrane Collection computer and enjoyed browsing through the images there with Coltrane collector and scholar Yashuhiro […]

  4. The Coltrane Box is very important for me. I’m lover Coltarne. I need created a new programa dedicated only a life and music of Trane. You can support with box sets, please ?

    All the best

  5. I´m programateur of radio station in Colombia, with programs specialits of jazz ” Ritmos en Jazz ” and ” Jazz Session “

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