Standard and Poor’s NetAdvantage now available from home

Whether you’re a novice investor or a dabbler in the world’s economy, you know the value of Standard and Poor’s.  Standard & Poor’s is a leading provider of financial market intelligence. The world’s foremost source of credit ratings, indices, investment research, risk evaluation and data, Standard & Poor’s provides financial decision-makers with the intelligence they need to feel confident about their decisions.

Half Hollow Hills Community Library patrons are now able to access S&P’s NetAdvantage from home.  Get financial news, read Outlook, research a company, study mutual funds, or just watch the stock market anytime you are online with the help of your library card.  From our homepage, click on Reference, and then Business and Law.  You’ll see Standard and Poor’s listed along with our other business resources.

As financial markets grow more complex, the independent analysis, critical thinking, opinions, news and data offered by Standard & Poor’s are an integral part of the global financial infrastructure.  If you want to get rich, do your homework at the library website.


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