What is your favorite children’s book character?

I was listening to NPR on the way to work this morning and they were discussing a children’s book that was groundbreaking when it was published in 1964, Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. [If you would like to hear the piece go to http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=87779452] I was already in high school by the time it came out and didn’t read it until I was a children’s librarian some time in the 70s. But I absolutely loved it; I was like Harriet in some ways. But the two female characters in children’s books that I identified with while growing up were Ramona from the Beverly Cleary series (now I was absolutely like Ramona) and Pippi Longstockingby Astrid Lindgren (I wanted to travel and be an exotic adventurer just like Pippi).

Have you introduced your children to any of these characters? If you haven’t you must. They are all great read-alouds and lots of fun. Or you can listen to them on CD or download them from the Library’s website. Do you have a favorite children’s book character to share?? Tell us about it.


6 Responses to What is your favorite children’s book character?

  1. Ellen says:

    Your post reminded me of the Beverly Cleary character I most resembled – the girl who’s mind raced out of control (and dreamed of a library!) in Emily’s Runaway Imagination. Even her name was like mine. But the book I read over and over at that age was The Golden Name Day, by Jennie D Lindquist. It might have been the illustrations by Garth Williams that drew me in, or the idea of a Name Day, but I’ve wanted yellow rose wallpaper ever since.

  2. bestchildrensbooks1 says:

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  3. tess says:

    As a young child I now realize that I was Frances the badger from Bread and Jam for Frances. I asked a million questions! My dad is a college librarian and my family spend quite a bit of time at the public library, and the fact that it was (and still is largely) free was a bonus. I also liked Ramona, Nancy Drew and anything by Judy Blume. Thank God for Judy Blume.

  4. Sandy says:

    I came across Ellen’s response and her comments about The Golden Name Day by Jennie D Lindquist. Jennie was my great Aunt and I would love to get in touch with Ellen.
    Ellen, did you also read the two books that followed? The Little Silver House and The Crystal Tree.

    Sandy in NH

    p.s. the children in The Box Car Children, School House in the Woods and Clematis were three of my favorites, and of course all three of Jennie’s books.

  5. san says:

    wow! what a wonderful thing to come across! i think i loved sarah crewes, of the little princess, by fhb, and loved her generosity!, and how resourceful she was!

    do any of you know a book about a little girl who always wore the wrong thing? – to a birthday party, she might have worn a brownie uniform, to a pool party, pajamas, to a dance recital, overalls, – something like that… i haven’t yet found anyone who remembers the book – but i felt most like that little girl, and raced to see “clueless” when it was release, knowing nothing at all about it – so…. (oh, i too loved the box car children, and didn’t know until i was trying to acquire books for my future children, that it had become a mega-series! – one of my children plowed through all of them! – he’s a little ocd, and so, another generation has them…) also, i loved helen fuller orton’s mystery books, and edgar eager’s magic books, and all of alcott’s and also all of the five little peppers, and all of a kind family – and loved my first two “adult” books, spencer’s mountain (from which the waltons was created) and jubilee, which was plagiarized by alex hailey and turned into roots – (i knew during the trials that it had been plagiarized, because when i read roots, i remembered where and when i’d previously read passages!) – anyway, nice to see you al here! –

  6. Helene says:

    Another Jennie D. Lindquist fan chiming in here! Her three books remain my very favorites from childhood. I checked them out of the library over and over and over, and finally ended up with copies of my own that I STILL reread at least once a year (I’m 49!). I always read The Little Silver House right before Christmas, and The Crystal Tree over the winter, and The Golden Name Day in the spring. When I was young I wanted to BE one of the children in the books. And once I became an adult, I wanted to be one of the grown-ups.

    (I just happened to run across this blog in an internet search–I live in Wisconsin).

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