Tween Reads–Coming Soon!

boyread1.jpg     A new monthly book recommendation list for tweens will be ready soon. It’s coming from NextReads, the e-mail subscription service that delivers special reading lists right to your inbox.  Here’s how they describe their audience:
Too young to drive, but too old for kid stuff? These books (mostly fiction, with some nonfiction) are just right for the middle school set.

If you know a tween who loves to read, steer them to the subscription site next month and get them started with librarian picks just for them.


2 Responses to Tween Reads–Coming Soon!

  1. Emily: Out of My Mother’s Darkness is a soon-to-be released autobiographical novel about a desperate young girl who unlocks dark secrets and comes of age in the midst of physical and emotional abandonment.
    She finds strength of character from books she reads, determination from an Ann with an e, an awakening spirit from a secret garden, a positive frame of mind from a Pollyanna and a real family from a little house on a prairie.

    Julie & The Lost Fairy Tale, a middle grade novel, is my first book.

  2. Emily: Out of My Mother’s Darkness has been released as of May 1st 2009
    Emily’s story is a result of hypergraphic writing and a work of autobiographical fiction. The story reveals Janie’s darkest hour… a book sure to help young and old alike to understand feelings of emotional torment caused by abuse.

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