Going the distance

We wanted to make searching on the Internet easier.  Our old webpage for information gathering just wasn’t doing what we wanted it to do, so we put up a new one at:


Our goal was to to provide quick access to popular spots, but also to give you some good places to explore.  “Ask A Librarian” sends us an email with your question, but you also have the option of live help at “Answers 24/7.”    Right below you can search across 300 reference books at once by just typing in your word in one simple box – amazing!  Or scroll down a bit and type in a subject to be searched simultaneously in Newsday and The New York Times.  Underneath that is an alphabetical list of subjects that will lead you to databases to search and web links to explore.

Our goal is to make our web presence the place for you to find information – more than Yahoo, more than Google.  We’re trying – tell us what you need!


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