Foreign Correspondent

Mother of Mine (2005)
Starring: Brasse Brannstrom, Esko Salminen

Finnish and Swedish with English subtitles

A truly affecting film. During WWII Finland sent 70,000 children to live in neutral Sweden. Eero, a nine year old boy is one of them. His father is killed in the fighting and his mother sends him to Sweden to avoid the conflict. Eero is assigned to live on a farm with a childless couple. Initially Eero feels a great sense of abandonment and clashes with his foster mother. Singe, the foster mother is in a state of mourning for her six year old daughter who died two years earlier. Eero and Singe’s losses are profound and they begin to bond as they share their despair. A mother/son love develops that neither one can let go of but they will have to.

Chris Garland


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