Common Craft for Common Causes

September 26, 2007


Have you looked at Common Craft ? It’s a great place for simple explanations for some of the terms we hear on the Internet these days. If you don’t understand the difference between Blogs and RSS (or never head of either!), or want to learn about wikis, or MySpace,  or Google docs, take a look. Here’s what they say:

” We use simple tools to make sense of a complex world. We produce short videos that make complex subjects and ideas easy to understand. ”

You can learn a lot!

World War II Remembered

September 19, 2007

The War: An Intimate History, 1941-1945 by Geoffrey C. Ward

This companion volume to the Ken Burns documentary series, that airs on PBS September 23, covers the stories of four American towns during the war years and the bigger picture of both the European and Pacific fronts. Through letters, photographs, maps and news reports it blends the lives of the men who served with the military campaigns to create a personal view of history. It is a tableau of war that leaves a lasting impression on your soul.

Click below for a bibliography.

A World War II bibliography

Sweet Rosetta

September 14, 2007

Rosetta Stone Online now comes in some new flavors: Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese in addition to English. Learning another language has always been a popular subject here at the library. The lessons on CD and cassettes are always in demand – our community loves learning and traveling! Now we can offer you interactive lessons at home, on your computer, to study at your convenience and leisure. All you need is a library card.

We also offer complete Pimsleur Language courses on eAudiobooks – step through lessons that can be downloaded to your computer and then transfered to your mp3 player as you listen throughout the day. Why waste time standing in line or waiting for appointments when you can be enriching your mind?

Hollywood Favorites

September 2, 2007

Some of your favorite film stars are making an appearance at the Library in order to promote MyLibraryDV – about 700 new titles are available to download to your computer.

More details, including a sampling of of titles available.