And we’re walking…

Wouldn’t it be fun to take a tour without ever getting up off your chair? We thought we’d walk you around some of our favorite spots in the Dix Hills building.

MyLibraryDV display, Dix Hills building First we have the display for MyLibraryDV. Nancy in our art department turned an unused computer monitor into an old fashioned tv, complete with rabbit ears antennae. Now, don’t you feel like watching tv?

You can try out MyLibraryDV from our website.

Media Aisle, Dix Hills building This is the media aisle. DVDs on one side, CDs on the other. It looks long and expansive in this picture, like a Walmart.  Yep, we’ve got a lot of stuff! Behind it are the audiobooks.

Magazine Reading Area, Dix Hills branch This is one of my favorite spots in the Dix Hills building – the magazine reading area. Is it the huge plant by the window, the waiting chairs, the table begging for a newspaper to be spread on it, or the walls of free reading matter that make it so appealing? What would you add to improve it?


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