Riding With Rita


Riding with Rita

I’d like to introduce readers of this blog to a great new service provided by the library. You may have seen our displays around the buildings for NextReads, a newsletter that is delivered to your email. NextReads will provide you with great reading and listening suggestions. There are many customized reading lists, including Audiobooks– choose one or all to be delivered to you monthly. The selections are linked directly to our catalog so you can request any item you want right from the newsletter. You can sign up right here at the top of our blog.

These are the books I have been listening to this month:

Dispatches from the Edge: A memoir of War, Disasters, and SurvivalBy Anderson Cooper read by the Author
This book is not about wars and natural disasters. It is about Anderson Cooper. We have seen his news coverage, but here we see how and why he got into the business of crisis reporting. There are more than glimpses of his early family life- his famous mother, the death of his father, and his brother’s suicide – an interesting look into the psyche of this television personality.

Thunderstruck by Erik Larson read by Bob Balaban
As he did in Devil in the White City, the author tells two stories in this book. The concurrent events are the development of cross Atlantic telegraphy and the investigation of the brutal murder of Belle Elmore, wife of Dr. H.H. Crippen. The ZZ’s come from the Marconi section, which details the development of wireless -including scientific, academic, and business rivalries. No Z’s for the murder mystery, which was suspenseful and which ultimately tied into the scientific developments.

Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome by Robert Harris read by Simon Jones
Not a Z to be had!!!!
An excellent historical novel, read to perfection! This is a gripping story of the rise to political power of Marcus Cicero, told by his slave and secretary Tiro. The reader gives life to the narrator and the various speakers, especially Cicero who is known as the greatest orator in Rome. I was fascinated by the many parallels to our contemporary legal system, politics and current events. I was so grateful to the reader for pronouncing those Roman names, saving me the ordeal of sounding them out in my head if I had read the text instead of listened. I highly recommend this book.


One Response to Riding With Rita

  1. Carol Bedell says:

    Once again you’ve done it succinctly, easily and interestingly. I marvel at how many books you can “read” in a month. The library is keeping up with the times. ‘Just got back from our library where the amount of live programs, trips and learned ways to be entertained would astound Benjamin Franklin, for sure. Nice job and I eagerly await next month’s Riding With Rita. Great name too!

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