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The library website is taking on more and more.  We’ve become more than just the virtual branch we first imagined.   At first we didn’t even think we NEEDED a website (why do we have to be “worldwide?”)  Then, it was a place for us to publicize our programs and list our policies (along with lots of cute animated gifs.)  Then a link to search the catalog from home and place reserves.  You could search our extensive databases and do research on anything you imagined.  Live Librarian came along and you could chat with us (sure, we can help with your homework while you talk to your friends)  E-books.  E-Audiobooks. E-Library. E-Reference.  But it’s time we moved from E 2 U.

We’ve got FREE movies, FREE music, FREE audiobooks to download!  It’s still in beta, but look what’s coming with Suffolk Wave.  We’ve also got more movies and TV from MyLibraryDV and audiobooks from Recorded Books.  Our site is a stroll down the virtual media aisle, and all you need is a library card (not a credit card.)  We’re a physical space with books and librarians and chairs and sunny windows, and a virtual place for research beyond Google and entertainment besides YouTube. 


2 Responses to More media, movies, music

  1. Music_Lover says:

    Well for me, library website is pretty cool! Where else can you find a site that gives free movies, free music and a lot more! Wherever you go, people love hearing their favorite music and love watching movies with a music soundtrack that touches their heart. It’s really an advantage that this site provide music, movies, etc for free!

  2. edruda says:

    Thank you for your comment! Would the readers of your wikimusicguide be interested?

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