Media at the Dix Hills building – the latest

We are in the process of moving collections around to make the space more user friendly. DVDs and videos are now located in the first aisle closest to the windows. We have added more pull-out bins, there is more space for browsing and the light is better to make your selections. We hope you like it.

Of course, you know what happens when you move one section. It’s the domino effect; then we had to move a few more collections.

So we moved the multi-language collection, the tests collection and the student collection. They are now all in the same aisle (formerly occupied by DVDs and videos). Books on Tape haven’t moved too far, just around the corner and books on CD are now where the multi-language collection used to be.

By now you probably have no idea what went where. Come and take a look at the new arrangement. We hope it will make finding what you are interested in a little easier. Our goal is to make a visit to the library the best experience possible.  And let us know what you think.


One Response to Media at the Dix Hills building – the latest

  1. Patron Riva says:

    We do not like the new location for the the new DVD’s. Too cumbersome to sift through, only 1 patron can look through them at a time, the top drawer is too high for a short person (so I can only view movies at the end of the alphabet). I think for the NEW arrivals, it would be best to display them in a linear manner so a patron can peruse the stack, instead of sorting through them.

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