The Return of MyLibraryTV – we hope

We’ve been promised service in January, so watch this space and the webpage for news. You can take a look at what it’s supposed to look like here, and if you’re even more curious you can see the parent company at

MyLibraryTV will let you download to your computer classic films, some cooking programs like Julia Child and the DISH Network’s Foodwise, and some medical shows, like PBS’s Health Choice. More content will be coming and we’ll continue the service if the response is good. They even say we’ll be able to upload our own programs! That should be interesting….

What’s really exciting is the possibility of having movies available for download at the same time they are released on DVD.  With a fast Internet connection you’ll be watching the latest titles on your computer screen without having to place holds or wait for a copy from Netflix.

Get ready for the latest version of content delivery from the new Library 2007!


3 Responses to The Return of MyLibraryTV – we hope

  1. Erna says:

    We are looking forward to that new service. How long should it take on average to download a film? To What program does it get downloaded ?

  2. edruda says:

    Hi Erna,
    The speed of download really depends on how fast your Internet connection is, but once we get more details we’ll have a better idea. It didn’t seem like an unreasonable amount of time, if I remember right. 🙂

    The films and tv shows play in your browser – you don’t use a separate program to view them.

    I’m still hoping for an early January release!

  3. Erna,

    You can start watching the movies right away they are streamed to you computer so you dont have to wait.


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