Buying books and living within a budget!

The New Yorker magazine issue, dated November 13, 2006, has a great article “Downpaging” by Ian Frazier. Mr. Frazier writes about buying less and borrowing more novels  (from your local public Library); thereby spending less and saving more.  He quotes Mitch Gelman an accountant from West Hempstead who advises his clients to “Get a library card!” and Ben Bernanke Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve who says “… And you know what you never see any of the big-bucks guys do? Buy novels. They learned their lesson, disciplined themselves when they were young. The super-ultra-wealthy never touch the modern novel, thus racking up more than six hundred extra dollars per year….”. Mr. Frazier also writes about people like you and me who love to read (several novels at one time) but who have successfully weaned themselves off buying books. 🙂

Now I am not suggesting that you stop reading (or even stop buying books), heaven forbid. But borrow more than you buy!

Something to ponder.  


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