New York Times the easy way

November 1, 2007

If you like to read the New York Times online (or even if you don’t!), you may find it easier to get through in outline form.

Put together by Dave Winer  – a programmer, blogger, inventor, philosopher, and lover of news. He played an important role in developing weblogs and RSS, and worked with the New York Times and other news organizations to get their publications available in RSS.

From this website:

“This site is an experiment to see how we can make news work for people who use mobile web browsers. We have the Times and the BBC available, updating every ten minutes, as stories are available. You can read the news on a Blackberry, iPhone, Treo or cell phone on BART, the London Underground, Paris Metro or IRT, BMT or IND. Take the A Train and take the electronic Times with you.

Foreign Correspondent

October 24, 2007

Mother of Mine (2005)
Starring: Brasse Brannstrom, Esko Salminen

Finnish and Swedish with English subtitles

A truly affecting film. During WWII Finland sent 70,000 children to live in neutral Sweden. Eero, a nine year old boy is one of them. His father is killed in the fighting and his mother sends him to Sweden to avoid the conflict. Eero is assigned to live on a farm with a childless couple. Initially Eero feels a great sense of abandonment and clashes with his foster mother. Singe, the foster mother is in a state of mourning for her six year old daughter who died two years earlier. Eero and Singe’s losses are profound and they begin to bond as they share their despair. A mother/son love develops that neither one can let go of but they will have to.

Chris Garland

Sweet Rosetta

September 14, 2007

Rosetta Stone Online now comes in some new flavors: Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese in addition to English. Learning another language has always been a popular subject here at the library. The lessons on CD and cassettes are always in demand – our community loves learning and traveling! Now we can offer you interactive lessons at home, on your computer, to study at your convenience and leisure. All you need is a library card.

We also offer complete Pimsleur Language courses on eAudiobooks – step through lessons that can be downloaded to your computer and then transfered to your mp3 player as you listen throughout the day. Why waste time standing in line or waiting for appointments when you can be enriching your mind?

Magazine articles delivered to you

July 20, 2007

illo_article_lib.gif, the place to search library collections worldwide, will now find you results from GPO (Government publications) ArticleFirst (articles from magazines), Medline (health information) and ERIC (educational materials.) Now you will find article citations as well as relevant WorldCat records for books, audio and video recordings, and other content formats.
Visit and try a search to locate articles on a favorite subject. Hint: Limit your search results to just articles by using the “Refine Your Search” feature—just click the “Article” link under the “Format” heading. Librarians’ secrets

May 23, 2007

You may have noticed a new page at the top of the screen – Our Feeds. Over the past few years our Reference Librarians have been collecting favorite websites, ones that we’ve discovered and saved in our arsenal of question-answering tools. Now they are available to you as RSS feeds. Choices range from art and antiques, to business, consumer, government, history, medical, phone directories, and the biggest one of all, Reference. Every time we add one, you’ll get notified! If you’d like to look at our whole collection all at once – here it is.

Reader’s Selects Book Discussion

April 19, 2007

Piano: The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand
by James Barron

Meeting: March 20, 2007

Barron chronicles how an immigrant family created an American cultural institution. The book follows the construction process of a Steinway concert grand piano named K0862 from inception to performance. The book examines the history of the Steinway Company from its humble beginnings in Germany to its current icon status in the United States. Most fascinating were Barron’s descriptions of the craftsmen who built the K0862 in the Queens factory, using techniques that for the most part haven’t changed since mid the 1800s.

Prior to the meeting I was concerned that the book would not generate much discussion because there was no controversy or conflict that would generate strong opinions. But I was wrong, the meeting turned out to be one of our better discussions with everyone participating. People were reminiscing about pianos they owned and taking lessons etc. One couple had a personal interest in the book because their nephew Robert was quoted in it. Robert Taub is a professional pianist of some renown and was one of the first people to play the featured piano K0862. The Taubs were not able to attend the meeting but left the group a compact disc of Robert playing a Steinway and hearing the music was a perfect way to conclude our discussion.

Chris Garland

Our Next Meeting is May 15, Melville Branch @7:30
We will be discussing The ghost map : the story of London’s most terrifying epidemic– and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world / Steven Johnson

Call the Melville Branch to reserve a copy. 421-4535

*A note from the author James Barron

Dear Mr. Garland
It was so nice to come in this morning and, thanks to a Google alert, to find your blog report on the discussion about “Piano” waiting in my e-mail in box. And it was nice chatting with you on the phone.

Attached (I hope) is a PDF of the postcards promoting my appearances with Robert Taub next week at Steinway (109 West 57th Street in Manhattan). Please feel free to print and post them and/or forward them to people who might be interested in attending.

I don’t know whether his aunt or uncle mentioned it, but he and I were college classmates. I didn’t expect things to turn out this way, but of all the pianists who tried out K0862 for me, he really was the one for whom K0862 sounded as if it had been made.

As I mentioned on the phone, everyone is welcome next week, but anyone who wants to attend should call to reserve a place (212-246-1100)

Thanks so much,
James Barron

Wheel of Fortune

April 2, 2007


We’ve got this fantastic conversation group going. Our Outreach Librarian, Catherine Given, facilitates the meetings, which consists of our library patrons who don’t speak English as their first language. They get together weekly and talk to each other to practice their English. It’s a beautiful thing! Catherine and our art maven Nancy put their heads together and came up with this wheel to help get the conversations going.  Each week the group fills up the wheel’s outer ring with topics they want to discuss.  Each person takes a turn spinning the wheel, and that’s the topic of conversation until the next person spins.

Attention Entrepreneurs!

March 27, 2007

In May we will celebrate our 2nd Annual Small Business Month with an entire month of free programs just for you.  They will include web design, branding and starting a home-based business to name a few.  For more information, check the Business Link section on our homepage or call (631)421-4530 x378.

Computer wizkids

October 19, 2006

Need help typing something up on the computer?  Looking for a guide to help you surf the Internet?  We’ve got some great high school students available most afternoons to assist you in getting started where you want to go.  Don’t be left behind!  Give us a call at 421-4530 and we can tell you when the next Cyber Lifeline volunteer is available.

What I like best about you are your books.

September 15, 2006

booklovers    If reading thrills you more than chocolate, the librarian is your best friend.  Come talk to us and ask for recommendations, or if you’re shy, we’ve got lots of resources at your fingertips. 

Try Novelist first: click on the tab labeled For Readers and get book lists, read-alikes, and favorites from other librarians (they’re good too!)  You may need to enter your library card and PIN first.

We’re going to be subscribing to NextReads soon, but you can get a sneak preview by clicking on “Trial” and let us know what you think.  You will be able to subscribe to an email service that will highlight new books, look at some older titles, and link you right into our catalog so you can reserve them right away.

And if that’s not enough, browse our readers’ advisor page for more ideas.

So relax and read!  We’re in the business of connecting you to good stories and good information. 


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